Uses for a 4"x4" rug hooked mat

4"x4" rug hooked mats are not just for beginners. This is a fun size to try a different technique, take a break after a bigger project, or just because you  have found a cute pattern you would like to try. But what do you do with them when you finish?  Here are some ideas. 1. coasters. This is a great size to make as a coaster. do them in coordinating colors to make a set. 2. tree ornaments. use some of the yarn that you used to finish the edge to create a hanger and you have a beautiful seasonal decoration for your tree. 3. gift tag. Give a gift with your gift by attaching a little rug hooked piece to the wrapping and ribbon of your gift. 4. ornament for a door handle. Hang it over a knob on the dresser to make a little dash of color. 5. draw several side by side on your foundation to create a patchwork effect for a bigger piece that can be used as a chair pad, wall hanging or rug.  6. furnishing a miniature doll house. These are great carpets in a doll house. 7. hot pad. Add a border to make your rug just a bit bigger and use it to protect your table from hot items. Be sure to only use pure wool if this is your intended purpose. 8. pull cord extender. Lengthen the pull cord of your ceiling light by attaching a 4"x4" hooked mat. Hang it by a corner to make a diamond shaped dangle. 9. a tiny wall hanging. Attach your finished mat to a twig instead of a dowel and hang as a little surprise over a light switch or the toilet paper. Somewhere where it will make you smile when you pass by. 10. art cards have been passed between artists for decades. This is your chance to join the trend and trade  your own art with other artists.