rug hooking instructions for beginner kit patterns

Included in your beginner rug hooking kit are two additional 4"x4" patterns. A sheep and a tree. the tree is shown with shading marked on the top and the trunk. These can be hooked in a darker shade of green and brown respectively. I would suggest hooking these items first and then filling in the sky and ground.  To hook the sheep, start with the face and legs. For such a small piece contrast and simplicity are important. I would suggest black be used for the face and legs and white or natural for the body of the sheep. When you have completed the face and legs, fill in around them with your white color and hook to the outside line of the sheep. This will help keep you from getting confused and losing track of the subject you are attempting to hook. The order for sky and ground is your preference. When hooking a landscape of ground and sky, it adds interest if you vary the shades of blue and green. A point to consider is that color lightens as distance increases. Use lighter shades of blue and green along the horizon line to suggest this effect. Alternatively, if a more primitive look is appealing, use one shade of blue and green to achieve the flat effect that primitive art is noted for. Above all enjoy the journey of creating.