how to finish the edges of a 4"x4" rug

Once you have completed a small rug such as a 4"x4" or even slightly larger, you are faced with the decision of how to finish the edges. There are options. You can bind it with yarn as you would a large piece. The problem with that technique on something small is the bulk that binding can add. If you are very proficient at binding this can lend an interesting challenge. Otherwise it may lead to you saying unpleasant things to those living with or near you that you might otherwise refrain from saying. Another option is to leave 1/2"  more or less of the foundation when you are cutting around the rug, turning it under and stitching a piece of fabric to the back. This option has much the same hazards associated with it as the previous suggestion. The third option that we will consider is to use high quality craft glue that contains the useful property of drying clear. Lay a bead of glue tightly against the outer edge of the rug. Use your finger or the tip of the glue bottle to press the glue through the foundation fibers so that you can see the glue from the opposite side from where it was applied. Leave to dry. Cut closely to the hooked edge. You can attach a piece of felt to the back or leave it open. To attach felt, use either the glue or household caulking. The caulking will allow the mat flexible.